Umbra & the First General of the Cavalry – Imperial Ball (III)

Umbra: Logos! Come and dance with us.

Logos: I am fine, thank you.

Core: Oh, come on! I’ll teach you some moves.


Logos: Umbra, is she staying long?

Umbra: Core is part of our family. She’ll stay forever with us.


Umbra: What’s wrong? You need Core for a balanced forefront. The army needs you both.

Logos: I know… but she’s so *looks at Core who in turn looks at him glistening with joy* moist… and sweet.

Core: *bursts into laughter* I know, right! Everything that you are not. We’ll make such a great team.

Logos: *grits his teeth as he glares at Umbra* So, Core… uhm… what are those moves you wanted to teach me?

Umbra: *giggles and pats Logos’ shoulder* Good general, good general.

Umbra & the First General of the Cavalry – Destiny (II)

Umbra: Why am I hiding? It’s burning in here.

Logos: To avoid a disaster.

Umbra: Another one?

Logos: No. The same one as always.

Umbra: Is it that bad?

Logos: Yes. I had to snatch you. You returnt spasmodically from your travels in disproportion, drooling to jump down any unfortunate flock that may inavertedly cross the threshold of years of naught.


Logos: Can you not even see that savagery of your itch?

Umbra: What do you mean?

Logos: Why look at yourself! You tore apart your own vestures and bled ferociously upon the altar of comprehension, sacrificing the skin of pretension during the funerary rites of sound and celebration of supine intervention.

Umbra: *chuckles* That must be painful.

Logos: Only you would laugh at the face of decapitation.

Umbra: Laugh a little, general. The world is always ending. What if there are no chains to break to begin with? What if neuroticism is nature’s way, and the stars cry because they want to? What have we fought for then all this time if not for an ideal which never was?

Umbra & the First General of the Cavalry (I)

Image by ntnvnc from Pixabay

Logos: You’ve eaten half a bottle of gummies, and spun like a madman to Apollo’s soft lyre.

Umbra: I feel nauseated. What’s your point?

Logos: Thumos ran away, and Eros is losing the battle against the thrusting horses of Nous and the Monarch of the Beyond.

Umbra: So?

Logos: Do you regret it?

Umbra: What am I to regret?

Logos: Why shattering the seal of wonder, and breaking through the gate before mastering any other!

Umbra: I have nothing to regret – not before, not ever. So what if I became no-thing before I was every-thing? Here’s limitless potential where all chains have broken loose.

Logos: Do you ever think about happiness?

Umbra: Not by itself, no. Why would I concern myself with a fraction of all I can fathom?


Umbra: Don’t worry, dear general. I won’t let you perish in this reign of shadows.