Image by ntnvnc from Pixabay

Logos: You’ve eaten half a bottle of gummies, and spun like a madman to Apollo’s soft lyre.

Umbra: I feel nauseated. What’s your point?

Logos: Thumos ran away, and Eros is losing the battle against the thrusting horses of Nous and the Monarch of the Beyond.

Umbra: So?

Logos: Do you regret it?

Umbra: What am I to regret?

Logos: Why shattering the seal of wonder, and breaking through the gate before mastering any other!

Umbra: I have nothing to regret – not before, not ever. So what if I became no-thing before I was every-thing? Here’s limitless potential where all chains have broken loose.

Logos: Do you ever think about happiness?

Umbra: Not by itself, no. Why would I concern myself with a fraction of all I can fathom?


Umbra: Don’t worry, dear general. I won’t let you perish in this reign of shadows.

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