Dear, I see you but through a telescope — our lands apart by the treacherous desert and streams of illusions and thoughts. Do you read my words and find meaning as a whole? Truth is laid by default and the cold becomes one with my core. I behold the mask of the world and pierce through it to watch the shadows work. The cradle of the all lies within us, and it gives account of its existence; for it is stronger than the light imposed. Would you laugh at the absurdity of the world were the blindfold to ever fall? Would you laugh with me as the chains broke? Stars sing still a lullaby of hope, and so they will sing forevermore as nothing is set in stone. We are fluid, a thought within a thought. Know thyself! Existence won’t be the same once you claim mastery of your soul. Oh, my child, you are so young! But so am I, yet so old. Do you know these words? Can you see home?

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